Describe yourself

“Describe yourself”
This has got to be one of the hardest questions most of us have to answer. EVER!
When I get asked this question I have no idea what to say. It seems like such a simple question when we ask someone but on the other side of that conversation, it’s like a wave of realisation and pressure…
Who am I?
What am I?
What makes me, me?
Do I even know who I am?
It’s like we don’t know ourselves at all.
The thing is though, as we get older we get asked this question more and more often, whether it’s at an interview or a social event. And we don’t really want to hesitate to think about it.
Most adults still find it difficult to answer this question.
But why is it such a hard question to answer?
As we grow older we should be finding out more about ourselves, so why is it that we still can’t answer this question?
I think it’s because we don’t really see ourselves. We act the way we act but it’s so normal to us that we don’t know how to describe it. Of course we might think we are a certain way, but perhaps we’re not in the eyes of others.
Other people can see us and describe us because we are very different to their ‘normal’. This is probably why it’s easier for us to describe our family members and friends. We can watch them and work out what kind of person they are. But we can’t watch ourselves (Well, unless you record what you do and watch that, but you don’t properly see yourself).
There are some things we do know about ourselves. Simple things, like if you are outgoing and loud or shy and sensitive. But the really deep things are the things that only other people notice about us, like how you act in certain situations and depending on your mood or how we act when we are doing or talking about something we love.
I would describe myself as a socially awkward, creative person. I can be loud but I can also be very shy and quiet. See very simple things.
Someone close to me said they would describe me as funny, clever, silly, huggable and understanding. Someone else said that I am a kind-hearted, sweet, loving person, who is really good with how they give advice.
Some of the responses I got, I was quite surprised about, honestly. I guess I don’t know myself in detail.
You suddenly become aware of what type of person you are when you ask someone what they think about you.
Maybe this will always be a hard question to answer by ourselves.
We just need a helping hand to help us find the answer.
Go and ask your friends and family how they would describe you. You may be surprised what you find out.